1. Before 5.
  2. Moderns, You Should Stay Home.

As time passes, a lot of things change, our character becomes more bitter, situations we used to ignore now bother us... and then we wonder if we are following the right path or if we are just getting older. Luckily, songs are always there to remind us who we really are.

Released on December 16th 2010.

  1. A Story of Love.
  2. Which Sad Day.

Do you remember those times when we wandered the streets all night long, wishing daylight never found us? I wish we could just run away to some place where morning is always still far from us.

Released on November 1st 2010.

  1. Sentiments and Artifacts.
  2. King of the Flood.

She was 500 miles away attending college and I was standing by the sea with my heart in my hand. I wondered aloud if the swirling waters might carry me to her, but I soon gave up and went home. At least I still had her photograph.

Released on November 1st 2010.

  1. New November Leaves.
  2. Pale Flashing Light.

These songs were written years ago, when I used to drift above the clouds...and while I may be back on the ground now, I still like to look up at the sky to see them floating by from time to time.

Released on October 1st 2010.

  1. Found Your Smile (Sundae mix).
  2. So. Central Rain.

Here come the first Autumn leaves, and we remember the times when we looked for the shadows under the trees, running away from the sunrays that we now wish to keep so close...

Released on October 1st 2010.